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Hice el anillo de Cat Noir hace mucho tiempo y era hora de rehacerlo para refinarlo un poco. Hice ambas versiones, anillo cat noir activado y anillo cat noir camuflado. Pero el proceso para hacerlo es casi el mismo.

Aquí puedes imprimir la plantilla: plantillas anillo catnoir

algunos materiales que he usado:

Hojas de espuma de 2mm Aliexpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9R7wE5


Instagram: http://instagram.com/isasworldofficial

👉 Estoy usando colores de pintura American DecoArt:

Aquí puedes comprar las pinturas que uso: https://bit.ly/3sH16oM

Hagas lo que hagas, hazlo con pasión...
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  • dear isa,
    in your video you said that the template for the ring in your blog is only unfortunately I find this template not

  • Dear Isa,

    I noticed that you haven’t posted in over a year, but although it sounds ridiculous I was wondering if there was any chance whatsoever that I could pay you to create Marinette and Adriens lucky charms for my little cousins birthday. I have tried making them from your videos but mine never turn out the same haha 😂. Again, I totally get it if it is not possible as it sounds really silly, but I have sort of run out of options and would really appreciate anything. Thanks for your time and I hope maybe one day I will be as good as making things as you are! xx ☺️

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